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Bag Making Machine Application and Development
Bag making machine, according to the domestic market reflected in the seal automatic bag-making machine at home and abroad advanced equipment technical parameters have almost the same, the main difference is in the overall machinery of the running speed. This also shows that our bag-making machine has been greatly developed in the future there is more room for development.
Bag machine is mainly used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries. Food packaging is the packaging industry in China account for a large proportion of packaging machine in the field of food processing plays an increasingly important position. First, can effectively guarantee the quality of packaging. Second, can greatly improve labor productivity, reduce costs and increase efficiency. Third, reduce labor intensity, both to ensure the health of workers in some operations, but also improves food safety and hygiene.
Our flexible packaging equipment industry is only 20 years of history, in the mechanical integrity of view is still lacking. Currently bag making machine equipment market is most important is the efficiency of competitive high-speed, high-feature competition. Requires companies to high-speed, high to reduce the target product costing, demanding flexibility and the flexibility to change for the target product updates.

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