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Bag making machine sealing crisp and brittle how to do
(1) heat sealing temperature is too high;

(2) excessive pressure;

(3) The sealing time is too long;

(4) bag-making machine the edge of the upper sealing device is too sharp or damage to the Teflon-coated;

(5) Making the bottom of the silicone rubber sealing excellent;

(6) in the composite and the aging process, part of the adhesive into thin film. Substrate due to the penetration of adhesive impact toughness (impact resistance) decreased, increased brittleness;

(7) cooling and placed in plastic 复合包装袋, the heat seal strength has increased, but also tend to brittle.


(1) According to the material within the sealing layer sealing properties, select the appropriate processing temperature, pressure and heat sealing time;

(2) to improve the upper sealing bag machine tool surface condition, so that sealing the surface smooth;

(3) PTFE coated cloth in good condition;

(4) select the appropriate hardness of the silicone rubber pad

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