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Computer Automatic Bagging Machine
Features: Making use of advanced machine theory, developed a new generation of high-grade, computer automatic heat sealing bag making machine. Seal and earnest fully synchronized, totally without tension, the back cover of solid and beautiful.
Main performance: appropriate processing tubular character and color of plastic bags set the vest (vest bag), imported photoelectric eye tracking, precise and correct position of the printing pattern, is equipped with DC motor, cycloidal turbine deceleration, with overload , over voltage, over current and other auto-protection function, with automatic counting device, can be arbitrarily set the number of stacked sheets.
After completion of each batch of bags, automatic discharge, automatic reset work.
Bag making machine theory: a view from the feeder to send the real powder (gel or liquid) to the packaging machine inside the top of the hopper, the introduction of speed control by the optical positioning device, the sealing paper rolls (or other packaging materials) through the guide roller Former lead the introduction to the lapel, is bent and then sealed by a vertical cylinder-shaped device into the lap, after the filling material to be measured automatically made bag, sealing cutting during cross-sealing device, while the intermittent tube bags downward traction, and finally form a longitudinal overlap seam on three sides sealing flat bag, a bag to complete the seal.

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