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High-speed Recycling Machine

his assembly can be used to process clean or old broken PP/PE plastics into
granules that can be reused an the raw materials. The helical gear reducer
made of 20CrMnTi alloy steel is applied to the extruder and the screw and
cylinder are made of 38CrMoA1A alloy steel after nitrogenization treatment,
which is durablelt consists of main extruder and sub-extruder ,water tank and
cutting part  with alloy rotary cutter.Besidesit is optional to be collocated with
drying fan

Main Technical Variables:

Model   SJ-D135/110 SJ-D115/90
Diameter of screw(mm) Main screw 135 115
  Sub-screw 110 90
L/D Ratio Main-screw 20:1 20:1
  Sub-screw 12:1 12:1
Power of motor (mm) Main screw 37 30
  Sub-screw 15 11
Speed of screw(r/min)   10-120 10-120
Total heating power(kw)   60 50
Cap city (kg/h)   150-200 120-150
Power of cutter   3 2.2
Weight(kg)   5000 3000
Dimensions   6500×4000×1500 6000×3500×1500





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