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SUPER-320 Fully-automatic Over Print intermittent High-speed Label Printing Machine

SUPER-320 Fully-automatic Over Print intermittent High-speed Label Printing Machine
1. Adopt paper shuttling mode,merely one block roller could do without reference to the size of paper
2. Adopt no-axes control system,control every servo motor of each roll in printing driver accurately,which make the optimization control to machine state.
3. Adopt color coude photoelectric sensing technology to automatically overprint first so as to improve the precision of overpint and shorten the prepare time of pre-print.
4. Adopt optimum ink roller collocation and speed,which could avoid the produce with ink line and slur, improve the printing quality.
5. First design printing pressure regulator,which makes it needn’t to regulate pressure while changing the block roller,and can improve efficiency consumedly.
6. The supply of ink and the speed of the machine will change proportionally,makes the printing result better.
7. Troubles of the machine would be shown on the screen automatically,which will shorten the repar time.
8. Paper winding and feeding,printing, overprinting, circuit press and circuit mould cutting, waste discharging, rewinding will be finished together.
9. This equipment most suits prints the multi-variety Different batch quantity, is printing the Midd-grade and upscale non adhesive trademark factory most ideal machine.

Some, high print examples :

Main technical parameters :

Web maximum width 320mm
The largest printing width 300mm
The maximum printing speed 250India / min (60 folds minutes)
Color printing 2-9color
Printing length 50-245mm
Roll diameter 700mm
Rolling diameter 700mm
The dimension 6800×1600×1400
Weight machines 6000kg
Power 200V/AC.Three Phase 50/60H 50A 17.3KVA





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