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Bag making machines common problems and solutions
Bag making machines common problems and solutions

First, ask: when the bag over the middle roller wrinkle?

A: 1. Back cover cooling effect is not good;

2 intermediate roller pressure differential;

3. Air pressure is too large;

4 middle too much dust on the roller;

5. Back cover temperature is too high;

6 Feeding the floating roller pressure is too large;

7 diaphragm installed tilt;

Second, ask: before the cutter roller at the membrane in one direction?

A: 1. Roller pressure is uneven, the film forward to the pressure direction;

2 Optical frame tilted to maintain the level of the previous roller; (optical frame carry forward film goes out, carrying the film to the optical frame backward walk)

3 punch knife is not installed, easy to tilt;

4. Uneven film thickness on both sides;

5 transverse sealing knife pressure is uneven, there great to go over there;

6 film board oblique;

7 intermediate roller is not parallel;

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