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Film blowing machine installation precautions
Film blowing machine installation precautions
Film blowing machine installation should pay attention to adjusting the extruder head the centerline with traction roll center to keep the horizontal and vertical, and shall not depart from the skew. Note traction speed and winding speed with gradually increasing the outer diameter of the winding, winding timely adjustment. Host operation after the system is turned on, pay close attention to timely adjust, fix, electrical instrumentation, controllers in order to ensure its proper operation. Host gearbox, traction gear box should always refuel, replace the gear oil, new machine replaced with new gear oil in about 10 days, in order to ensure the normal operation of the rotating parts, pay attention to the fuel to prevent stuck and overheating damage, should also check the connecting parts of the fastening case, prevent Luo Shuansong Activity. Compressed air in the bubble tube should maintain the right amount of traction process, the compressed air leaks with, replenish.

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